SLFR HomeOwners

Simply, the Silver Lake Forest Reserve Association is an organization or association of owners of the properties within the community as describe in the Bylaws. If you are purchasing one of the properties within this Association please notice Article I of your rights and obligations under the Bylaws: Membership; Voting; Register.

Please notify us that you have completed your purchase. You may contact us by: US Mail: PO BOX 13 Toutle, WA 98649 or by Email:  HOA at SLFR the Association (

Please include all relevant information as to lot number, mailing address (if different), email address, and telephone number.

Below are several items that you may find useful in assisting your purchase.

General Documents – A copy of the CC&R’s, Bylaws, and others listed on the SLFR Document page. In addition to those documents you should also receive documents relative to the specific property you are purchasing – for example, a soils report, a forestry management plan. You should also receive two gate openers and an access code from the seller.

More Home Owner Information and the Association email address can be found at the Login tab above.

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